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Timco Worldwide Inc. has been providing quality produce for over 25 years. Beginning as one of the foremost watermelon suppliers in America, Timco has since broadened its produce supply to include honeydew, cantaloupe, seasonal melons, and a selection of seasonal organics. As quality assurance and food safety are of paramount importance to the produce industry, Timco has developed stringent internal tracking methods to guarantee uniformity in size, taste, and overall quality. With a technologically advanced packing system (the "TX-5 Autosorter") and newly expanded shipping locations, Timco is able to stay abreast with customer demands by ensuring year-round, international distribution capabilities.

We put down our roots in California, but our family tree spans across the world.

If you have any questions, please contact Timco Worldwide Inc.:

530.757.1000 (phone)
530.757.8274 (fax)


“[Your watermelon] passed the taste test of my young grandson. He is the ripe old age of 5 years old. He just loves watermelon. So do I and I'm 61 years young. We were going camping and he insisted on purchasing a watermelon. I'm glad I bought your brand of watermelon. It is, or shall I say it was, delicious to the very end. Yummy indeed…would I buy another watermelon of your companies? Yes indeed. You bet.”

– David, consumer


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